Sensei Tsukada Course Report

We had another very successful course this year with Sensei Ryozo Tsukada on October 13th – 15th. The Friday session was a technical session breaking down punching. It made even the highest grade go back to basics and assess their technique. After the session 16 of us went for a curry. The Saturday session mainly covered kata Shisochin and bunkai. We all met up in the evening for a Chinese meal. The Sunday session went into Shisochin bunkai in greater detail and re-capped on the kata. Thanks for sensei Stuart Hughes for hosting the Sunday session at his Forge Shotokan Dojo in Bromsgrove. The course was well attended including a contingent who travelled down from Scotland.  Finally, a very big thank you to Sensei Tsukada for another very enjoyable and informative course.