New Club Membership

The British Sankukai Karate Association welcomes Dennis Robinson and his Nottingham Sankukai Karate Club (formally a member of Karate Sankukai East Midlands) as new members of our association. We have had friendly links with Dennis for many  years and look forward to a closer relationship with his club and students.

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Weapons Course and Meeting

There will be a BSKA meeting on Sunday 3rd December at the Samurai Centre, Kidderminster commencing at 10.00am. Following the meeting there will be a weapons course concentrating on nunchaku, 11.00am – 2.00pm with instructor John Nelson 5th dan. For more information contact John or Calvin.


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Sense Tsukada Course Report

We recently had another enjoyable course with Sensei Tsukada on the weekend of 20th to 22nd October. On the Friday session Sensei Tsukada introduced a theme for this year’s course. This was working on the correct technique of shoulder movement and hip action to generate speed, power and focus when punching. The pairwork concentrated on punching and counter punching employing machi-no-sen. The session finished with a recap in the Itosu Rohai katas before concentrating on Tomari (Matsumora) Rohai. Sensei Tsukada also explained the differences to Koshiki (Matsumura) Rohai. After the session we went for a curry and some much needed refreshments.

The Saturday session continued with the theme of shoulder and hip action and Tomari Rohai with bunkai. In the afternoon session Matsumura Bassai with bunkai was covered before finishing off with close range sparring. We all met up in Worcester later on for a very enjoyable evening of a meal and a few drinks.

The Sunday session continued the theme of shoulder and hip action and then concentrated on kata Nipaipo, a long and unusual kata with some interesting bunkai. As last year the numbers training were down on previous years but I think that the course way enjoyed by all who attended and everyone will have gained some in depth knowledge of their art from the weekend. Thanks to everyone who supported the event, especially those who travelled a long distance and a very big thank you to Sensei Tsukada for another outstanding course.

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Sensei Tsukada update

The Sensei Tsukada course is fast approaching. The Sunday training times at Redditch have been changed. The session will now be 12.30pm – 3.30pm.

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New Dan Grades

Congratulations to Steve Smith from Stourport club and Caleb Collins from Allenton club on gaining their first dan black belts recently and well done to Gabby Evans from Stourport on gaining her second dan.

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