Dan grade promotions

After consideration by the BSKA Technical Committee Calvin Collins presented Andy Garnham and Shaun Lacey with 5th dan whilst visiting Guernsey earlier this month. Andy and Shaun are two of the most valued senior members of the association.

Kerry Elford and Bill King have both been awarded Honorary 5th dan.  Kerry has recently retired from the BSKA. She has been our licencing officer and an assistant instructor for John Nelson for many years. Bill King has also recently retired . He has been a senior member and instructor in Scotland for many years.. We wish Kerry and Bill all the best for the future.

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All Grade Course

There will be a course open to all BSKA students on Sunday 5th December. The course will be held at the Samurai Centre, Zortech Avenue, Kidderminster. Training times – 11.00am – 2.00pm. For further information please contact Calvin Collins.

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Guernsey Course

Guernsey Sankukai Club have invited Calvin Collins to teach at their dojo November 12th to 14th. For more information please contact club instructor Mick White.

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This year’s BSKA A.G.M. will be held on Sunday September 19th at the Samurai Centre, Zortech Avenue, Kidderminster commencing at 11.30am. Any licenced BSKA member is welcome to attend.

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FEKO Covid Update


Following the announcement by the Government that most COVID restrictions are to be lifted from 19 July 2021 and a further meeting with Sport England, FEKO confirms the following:


All training can resume as normal. There are no restrictions on age, numbers allowed or training activities, other than the usual health and safety considerations   Partner work and contact training is allowed. This means that we can go return to our dojos as we were doing pre COVID.


We can now return to competition and events. However, we are still waiting for finer details regarding protocols to be followed. We have been advised that event protocols are to be expected which are likely to involve such things as different entry and exit points, and greater crowd control. When more is known, we will advise our members accordingly. Event organisers should check with any facility they hire on any regulations they might impose locally.


We have been informed that there are no changes to the definition and exemptions for Elite sport travelling to overseas events. As such, should anyone travel abroad for karate sport events that do not meet the elite guidance which karate does not, then they are subject to the same conditions that apply to the general public.


The Government and Sport England have made clear that whilst restrictions are being lifted, the pandemic is still very much with us. Infection rates continue to rise and we are asked in the strongest possible terms to continue taking measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Whilst FEKO cannot impose regulations, we do urge all our associations and clubs to continue with many of the safety measures you have already put in place.

We advise that

  • Masks continue to be worn indoors when not actually training or moving about within the facility.
  • Pre training medical checks continue.
  • Meticulous cleaning of equipment which should not be shared.
  • No sharing of drinks bottles and personal items.
  • Maintain social distancing when not training.
  • Continue to sanitise when possible.
  • Minimise the changing of partners during sessions where possible.

Members should also be aware that some facilities will insist on imposing more strict measures than others. Government has pretty much given permissions for facilities to make their own decisions on these matters. As such, some of you might face more difficulties than others.

The simple message is from the 19 July, we can now fully open BUT, and importantly, COVID is still very much with us and we must maintain our guard against it. If we do not, then we risk going back to further restrictions. We must not become complacent, and each do our own little bit to help.

Please remember to keep yourself safe and keep those around you safe.

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